Our Programs


Latino Youth Education

After-school programs are an important position to improve the academic achievement of Latino youth. Social trends, such as more women entering the workforce and an increase in the number of single-parent households, have led to a greater need for after school programs. Advocates interested in narrowing the achievement gap view after-school programs as a critical opportunity for youth to gain “21st century skills” – global literacy, problem solving, innovation, and creativity – via supplementary academic support and developmentally rich activities.  

Latin Quarter WPB is community building organization ready to foster growth and hope through strategic alliances and outreach programs.  


Family Strengthening Program

Our Family Strengthening Program is a family strengthening and training based program, designed to build nurturing parenting skills as well as integration within the community.

Local Hispanic business owners are the backbone to our economy.

Local Businesses

Latin Quarter WPB,  encourages a business community outreach program and as part of the social responsibility. 

"It's Smart Business to Support Education"

All businesses want customer traffic, desire customer loyalty, and spend money on building a brand in their community.

Reach out to local businesses which thrive on continued business from the Hispanic community.  

Our Latino community are the backbone to our infrastructure by doing the every day activities such as groceries, clothing, cars, electronics, pharmacy supplies, banking, as part of the great purchasing power.   

We partner up with local businesses to hold events to promote education excellence.